Duty to retreat?

Posted by Terry Smelser on July 21, 2013

WideModern_holder_130717620x413On 16 July 2013, our “so called” attorney general, Eric Holder, made the following statement to a gathering of the NAACP.

“There has always been a legal defense for using deadly force if – and the ‘if’ is important – no safe retreat is available.” “But we must examine laws that take this further by eliminating the common sense and age-old requirement that people who feel threatened have a duty to retreat.”

This is part of his attack on the Second Amendment of the US constitution (and the constitution in general) It is also part of a clear attempt for foment a race war in the U.S. He went on to attack a set of laws, variously known as “Stand your ground” or “Castle Doctrine”.

Here in Arizona, I have no “Duty to Retreat” if threatened, ANYWHERE. I have the human American right to defend myself, my family, my friends and even total strangers if threatened with physical harm or assault. Defending those mentioned before from robbery or other invasions is also covered in these laws. This is in my home, your home, our yards or the street, I do NOT have to back down.

Various members of the press, (those that did not totally ignore this) have reported that gun owners and pro gun organizations are “furious”  over these statements. This is most likely true as it pissed me off instantly.

THEN, I gave it a bit of thought.

The statement, “Duty to Retreat” is one of the most defining and honest statements ever released by a member of the Obama administration. It tells us what many of us already knew, the moral, ethical and social cowardliness of Obama and his minions are the lasting legacy his term of office will forever leave in American history.

Obama needs the American people unarmed, period. He has many of the other parts of a martial law, police state moving into place, i.e. the spying on individual Americans, the domestic drones, the IRS harassing and challenging his political opponents, etc, etc, but none of that will have any meaning at all, if he can not disarm us.

He can’t. It’s been noted that a federal government that can not find and deport 20 million invading criminals, will never find and confiscate 300 million privately owned firearms.

Their believing that WE have the Duty to Retreat from conflict, tells me that we have already won this battle.

Because we WILL NOT retreat. No patriot will and that Mr. President, deals you a loosing hand.

μολὼν λαβέ

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Ammo for friends.

Posted by Terry Smelser on June 10, 2013


A little reloading done for friends. Sixty various 30.06 Springfield including 20 high end hunting rounds. With 50 “ball” rounds for the. 45 ACP.

We’ll have ammo.




















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Just a few unwelcome thoughts.

Posted by Terry Smelser on July 22, 2012


To the left  is an “AUTOMATIC WEAPON”. Its not “REAL” in this form.
It was designed to shoot down aircraft. Admittedly, we use them for other things, but that was the primary purpose of the weapon. That huge backpack you see sitting with it would be filled with BATTERIES and ammo. Only the very largest, most powerful of men could even carry the thing, much less shoot it. (They are normally mounted) IF a man could fire it, it would empty that backpack of ammo in SECONDS. But if you could control it for those few seconds, you could chop down a house with it.

The typical AR-15  legally sold in the United States, is NOT an Automatic Weapon. It is a SEMI – Auto weapon and was first designed as a sportsman’s weapon. The full military version is known as the M16 or the M4 in its carbine form. THESE are “selective fire” weapons. This pretty much applies to any other “Assault” weapon. AK, H&K, Gallil, F&N, etc…

Please note: I used the term “legally sold”. A criminal or just some misguided graduate student with no real future probably wouldn’t bother with the term “legally sold” and would purchase a military version. NO, he would not have been able to purchase this weapon from his local gun shop. He would have had to go to other criminals or to Eric Holder’s DOJ.

Let me back up just a second. A citizen, with all of his constitutional rights, CAN purchase a military version of the AR-15. There are forms, followed by more forms, backed up with more forms and finally confirmed by even more forms, needed to own a weapon (of any make) of the Selective Fire, Automatic, Assault weapon family. The people that own these are normally called “Collectors” and have “permits” as a result of all those forms. As these things spew ungodly amounts of very expensive ammunition they are just not practical for the average sportsman shooter. I’ve spent many happy hours behind fully automatic weapons and I’m pretty much over it.  I damn sure can’t afford it.

While I like and use and own “Assault” weapons, non of them are “selective fire”. I’m more of the “one shot, one kill” kind of guy and my favorite rifles are bolt action, long range weapons, though there are a couple of Semi Auto rifles I find to be extremely satisfying in this application, like the M21 or  M25 (sniper versions of the M14) and the Soviet Dragunov. (“Advanced marksman rifle”, NOT a sniper rifle)

Regardless, the speed with which a weapon fires does not technically make it more dangerous. All weapons require training. It is the HUMAN holding the weapon and their purpose that creates the danger and without a program, you can’t tell the nuts from the flakes. This said, if a human wants you dead, he or she will pound your skull in with a rock. They will stab you with a kitchen knife, strangle you with your own clothing, run you down with a car or if need be, beat you to death with their fists. They WILL find a way to end you. Period. Murder is not a crime of convenience, it’s a crime of passion.  Believing anything else is just plain stupid.

I find it interesting that the shooter in Colorado fits into a series of categories that are contradictory to themselves, unless they were planned in advance. He was not a KNOWN criminal. Nor was he outgoing in any way. (per the testimony of people that know him) He was in fact an introvert, hiding from life in computer games and life styles that don’t exist.  He wasn’t the “type” to even own guns but had 1000s of dollars worth of ADVANCED military grade weapons and armor and explosives and riot control agents and… who knows what else.

He is a member of the Occupy bowel movement. As such he is acknowledged to hate America, it’s people, cops, himself, honor, decency and anything else that goes against a rather narrow view of what he believed HE deserved from all of the rest of us. BUT, he was not a criminal or a killer.  Well, maybe.

Here’s the point, it was not a firearm of any kind that killed those people in Aurora. It was a human.

There are several holes in the story. If you look for them, you will find them.

This is NOT a case where the convenient access to GUNS was a contributing factor, this was planned, weeks or even months in the making.

He could have used ANYTHING to accomplish what he did. But he used GUNS. He told the police about even MORE guns and other devices designed to kill and maim. Why would he do that?

He was making a statement and maybe he was instructed to do so.

Had he wanted to KILL large numbers of people in that theater, there were far better ways. Ways with fewer back trails. Ways that would have let him just walk away with none the wiser. I can think of a couple of ways, with 2 drawings and about 500 words, using products found easily in the home and at home improvement or outdoors stores and Walmart, that he could have taken everyone in that room. (no, I’m not a mad bomber, this is just stuff I was taught in the military under the heading of “improvised munitions”)

Frankly if I was going to do what he did, the way he did it, I would have used a shotgun… shrug.

But he used GUNS.

Not a criminal. (But a serious nut job? secretly, criminally unstable? even the Unibomber had a back trail)

Bought his ammo on the internet. (more than 6000 rounds) It’s cheaper on the web, but the shipping costs are outrageous and there is nothing on the web that you can’t get in town. AND, the web leaves a distinct “paper trail”.

Legally purchased “Assault” weapons. (well, I’m still not clear if he was using a Military grade AR or not)

Legally purchased military grade armor. (maybe, I don’t know the exact type of armor he was using, there are some types you just can’t get.) But he was using stuff that the normal citizen would not have thought of. The groin and throat plates for example, these were not intended to stop bullets but to stop shrapnel, (not a danger in his situation) A single round to that throat plate and he would have strangled on his own blood. Provided to him to make him more confident?

The tear gas, in the quantity used and the devise used for dispersal, is not in any way available to civilians. It was a GRENADE. Military or Police, only.

Rigged his apartment to kill the police when they went to look at it, but TOLD them about it instead…

Explosive and chemical devises of an advanced nature, NONE of which is available to civilians.

The training to use these devises. We know he had help, did someone else set this up?

Estimate of equipment valued at $20K PLUS. (Conservative estimate)

Starving, unemployed, graduate student in line for some kind of PHD in basket weaving or bitter women’s studies, but has acquired tens of thousands of dollars worth of military grade hardware and possible terrorist training.

Did his killing in a place where no one would be able to fight back. (typical of terrorists and the American left)

Don’t discount the CHOICE of targets; helpless, unarmed, distracted families, children. There was shock value in the targets. (Again, typical of terrorists and the American left)

Someone LET him into that building, he had help.

He surrendered.

But he used GUNS.

A couple of weeks before a United Nations treaty conference  on Small Arms, designed to strip Americans of the basic rights to freedom and to promote some kind of global dictatorship, lorded over by the UN.


Manufactured crisis.


Author’s note: I was not really interested in writing this, as titled, it’s just a collection of unwelcomed thoughts. I’m more bothered by the Nation’s reaction to this incident than I am by the incident it’s self and the shooting in Aurora bothers me more than most.

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Good Night Dad…

Posted by Terry Smelser on September 29, 2011

SAMSUNGWell, Dad was there, I was there, Helen and all of our kids were there.  Cousins that I rarely see were there, Aunts, Uncles and old old friends were there. (Thanks for dropping by Connie Mac, Dad would have been thrilled)

Old friends of mine were there as well, Dan Parker, old Army buddy, His ex-wife, Laura,  a dear friend of ours, was there and Daniel Fincher at her side. Finchers and Smelsers have been getting in and out of trouble together for longer than I care to remember, Daniel’s older brother was in my 1st grade class, many, many moons ago. We grew up together.

Ben Foiles and wife Amanda were there, new friends in comparison to some, but every bit as dear. Ben leaves for Africa next month, in the service of his county, pray for him and his family, for a safe return to his friends and loved ones. There were a lot of folks there, some that Dad watched grow up. We thank you all.




Uncle Sam showed up as well, sending a fine honor squad to help send Dad on his way. As there were several members, both present and past of the US Armed Forces in attendance, I can say that we were suitably impressed and grateful for their participation in the final ceremonies  for Dad. This was as Dad wanted it and I’m sure he is happy with the results.





ml 09-23-2011 175Day is done, gone the sun
From the lakes, from the hills, from the sky
All is well, safely rest
God is nigh.
Fading light dims the sight
And a star gems the sky, gleaming bright
From afar, drawing near
Falls the night.
Thanks and praise for our days
Neath the sun, neath the stars, neath the sky
As we go, this we know, God is nigh.

These are words that are attributed to and used in a recording made by John Wayne about the song,

Fading light
Falling night
Trumpet call, as the sun, sinks in fright
Sleep in peace, comrades dear,
God is near.

Dad knew of these words and I think would have been glad that I included them here.


ml 09-23-2011 184And of course, Old Glory was there. It was important
to dad that she show up and she was there in all her finest. She brought friends as well.
We never even got a chance to thank them…
So thanks, you made a family very happy.






On behalf of the President of the United States
and the people of a grateful nation, may I present
this flag as a token of appreciation for the
honorable and faithful service your loved one
rendered this nation.




Thank you my friends, for your support during this time of amazing stress for us all, only your love got us through.

Terry Smelser and Family.



Military funerals


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To the end.

Posted by Terry Smelser on September 17, 2011

Helen took this image last time I was home, at the same time she took the pictures of me feeding Dad. Its one of the better pictures we have of him in the last few years.

Friday, September 16th, 2011 M.L. Smelser, my Dad, passed from this world to join my mom, Jonnie Lavon (Hollan) Smelser in the afterlife that they have both clung to for their entire lives. He lived with dignity and determination and he crossed over the same way.

He had been ill for a very long time,  for the better part of 10 years now. About 5 years ago, his ability to walk became extremely impaired and it became harder and harder for my mom to help him (she herself had been fighting breast cancer for many years until it took her from us only a couple of months ago.) We were ask if we would take the addition on the house as an apartment and help out.


Helen had to get off the truck and has been working actively as their care-givers for the better part of 3 years as both grew weaker and weaker. Dad was holding Mom’s hand as she passed from this world and told her as she departed “I’m right behind you sweety”.

We’ve all seen this, old married couples depart within months or even days of one another, we knew this would be only a matter of time. In the last week dad stopped talking, stopped eating or drinking, just stopped.

We had some bad times growing up, an injury took him out of work for years at one point. He held things together with the kind of shear determination that can only be learned growing up during the great depression of the 1930s.  He never lost his sense of humor, never lost his faith and never lost his love.

I… WE… will miss him terribly, he was many things to all of us and through all the adversity, all the strain, he was a husband, a grand father, a patriot, but mostly he was Dad.

To the End


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Angry? You don’t know the half…

Posted by Terry Smelser on September 11, 2011

1This is a rant, it’s probably not going to make sense.

I was in bed… Hey.. I worked nights and was about 3 hours into my usual 4 hour nap when  my wife woke me. One look at her face, normally bright and cheerful, and I reached for the .45 on the head board.

“No” she said very quietly, “Its on the TV, you need to come see.”

The image you see to the left is almost exactly the moment I sat on the living room sofa.

My. Heart. Stopped. Beating.

I’m a trained soldier, a warrior, we get old and fat, but it never ever leaves us. Operations and Intel is (was) part of what I did, my mind went into threat assessment mode. I quickly gathered all the information in the room, but my wife had just turned the TV on, we didn’t know anything yet.  “Maybe it just a horrible accident”?  she ask but I had already seen the second plane inbound. I pointed to it.

“NO… it’s an attack”

In only a few more moments, we had more of the story, the Pentagon, Flight 93… Our nation had been attacked.

Angry?  yeah…

For one of the few times in my life, I was frightened out of my wits, (I’m not real bright about things like that) then I grew ANGRY.

We kept the kids home from school that day and maybe the next, I don’t remember, but they were kept home because, more than anything, we did not want this thing being explained to them by TEACHERS.

We saw hours and hours of horror, we watched the people make the decision to die in a fall, rather than a fire. We got a grasp of what had happened to flight 93 over that farm in PA, we saw the damages done to the Pentagon.  And we as a family, became ANGRY.

In only a matter of days, talking heads and even worse,  headshrinkers (People that receive money to fuck with the emotions of others under the guise of “helping” them) were telling us and insisting that the films of the attack should not be shown anymore, because they made people “ANGRY”

No Shit? And exactly whats wrong with being ANGRY?

Ten years later, almost to the hour, I am boiling, seething, ANGRY. I make no apology for it either, it’s my RIGHT.

“Uncontained anger could cost the lives of innocents…”

REALLY? like it already hasn’t? And where exactly would we find these “innocents”?

The Arab world erupted into mass celebration over the mass murders of American citizens, they partied in the streets, men women and children, I saw the FILMS of it. Those films were quashed even quicker than the films of the attack.


(Today, “some” of the films from 9 Sept 2001 were shown on TV… SOME of them. Will they show the Arab “party in the street films”? I doubt it)

Mr Bush gathered his information and made his decisions based on that information.  I suppose that was the right thing to do… but I am totally unsatisfied with the results ten years later.

For a time, we tore the life from those that had attacked us and those that had supported them.  Now, we are falling asleep again and the job is NOT  DONE.

We have wasted to much time and to many lives… AMERICAN lives, fighting a “politically correct” war against these animals.

Our troops are still fighting and dieing in Afghanistan, a place we attacked because they refused to arrest and turn over to us the people that attacked us. When we attacked, those people simply moved to Pakistan, where Osama Bin Laden lived in comfort for years, as a guest of that government, while they pretend to help us find him. It took almost ten years to get the guy that masterminded the attack in 2001 and in my opinion, it was only done to try to boost the rapidly falling popularity of a failed president.  We knew he was there.

We have an administration that has shown sympathy and extended aid to the very enemy we fight.

Hmm… Aid and comfort to an enemy in a time of war… there is a word for that…

The proper course? Take down the infrastructure, cripple or destroy all transportation and services, (gas, water, electric, roads, bridges, etc) kill as much of the military and it’s commanders as we can find, same for political leadership,  down to town mayors, destroy dams and flood farm land, render the country inert and destitute, unable to defend or feed it’s self and be home by Christmas.

I’m only saying… had it been my call, sometime in 2002, the biggest problem “WE”, as Americans, would have had in the middle east would have been deciding where to build the next WalMart.

“Radical Islam” exists because “Moderate Islam” allows it and supports it.

There are no innocents.


Hell yes I’m still angry.



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Site News, Still under construction.

Posted by Terry Smelser on August 30, 2011

So there I sat working on a new site… (this one) and I glanced up at the coffee table I had my feet on at the stuff building up… The hand gun was digging a hole in my hip, had to go, the 2 knives were digging holes in the various places they were hidden along with a 3rd that was still in my right pocket,  the bottle of fine American bourbon just looked kind of lonely over there on my desk so I brought it over to help with the site build. The mouse… the DAMN MOUSE, was back over there where I couldn’t get to it… again… I hate touch pads in laptops. The cell phone was annoying me, but then, cell phones always annoy me…

I dug that picture out of my camera, just looking for stuff to post while I try to get this site the way I want it. It’s going to be slow because of the conditions I work under most of the time. At the moment of this writing I’m sitting on the bunk of my truck, waiting for the meat house to pull their heads out of their asses and get my load though the USDA inspection that should have been done yester-damn-day. They put a drop dead time on this load of 06:45 this morning… then delayed it 12 hours waiting for a civil servant.  They weren’t happy when I informed them of the detention time they were going to pay. (schedule better next time Jose…)

I don’t “really” have internet here, the terminal manager looked at me like I had lost my mind when I ask what had happened to the driver’s WIFI hot spot, said there never was one… I know better. So I’m tethered to my phone… eh… it works, just slowly.

Personally I’m not real happy with a lot of this site, I like the theme, sort of, but I’m not sure I like that Java crap in the header. The dragon skin background is cool but I think I can do better. The layout could be better and as fond of the guy as I am, I don’t really like the name all that much. So a lot of changes to be made, I’m thinking I may end up keeping the basic idea of the theme and ripping every single bit of it out and replacing it with my own images, etc…

OH! about comments, I love comments for the most part, “BUT”,  I moderate comments for a reason. When the public execution of spammers is not only law but national sport, I’ll stop moderating comments. The last post, the one about my dad, pulled four comments, one from my daughter, two spam and one from a guy that I think was commenting on the wrong site.  The site has been up 2 or 3 days and people are trying to sell me SEO shit I don’t need and VIAGRA… I don’t need frigging VIAGRA… assholes. I don’t moderate for any other reason… well OK, I take that back. There ARE people that I just don’t care to hear from, for any reason. They just don’t have anything to say that adults would want to hear. The ones that address me in public get ignored, I just walk away. There is no reason to let them post crap on my site. (Like “come on Terry, we need to talk about this, call me…”, I’ve spammed that guy repeatedly) So if you comment, it will take a bit, maybe even a day or two before they show up. If you are a spammer, wordpress collects IP addresses, I give those addresses to some old hacker friends of mine. (don’t be surprised when pictures of you screwing that goat last Christmas, the ones in the folder marked “hot chicks”, show up on the web…)

So, keep an eye open as I totally ruin this theme and start over with others… and try to figure out a new name for the site…




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The hardest things…

Posted by Terry Smelser on August 28, 2011

Breakfast for Dad.I’ve done a lot of things in my life that were “hard”.

Most of my education, the advanced stuff anyway, are self taught.  My higher math skills, that I no longer need, came about in the Army, when I taught myself ballistic trig, in order to do my job better.

About 25 years ago,  I walked away from a very expensive “habit”, no doctors, no rehab or any of the fancy crap that others use or need to beat that one. Just family and the determination, “Never Again”.

I spend weeks, even months away from the people that I really care about, to provide for them and myself.

My wife has been taking care of my parents for about the last 3 years, working as nurse and maid for them both. It hasn’t been easy for her and it hasn’t been easy for me to be away while the slow degeneration of their health progressed. About 2 months ago, I drove off from my parents home that we have been sharing with them. (To keep us close in order to render any aid we can.) I drove off knowing it would be the last time I would see my mom alive. I got the call from my wife, 3 days later, the cancer had finally won. Mom did one of the bravest things I have ever seen a few months before, when she refused treatment. The treatment she said, was worse than the cancer.

In the picture above you see me feeding my dad.  He can no longer manage the fork or spoon on his own. Handing him an open glass of milk means wiping it up. Dad is miserable because of this and sitting there seeing it in his eyes is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do this last trip home.

There is something that is going to be harder, in the morning, I have to get back in that 18 wheeler and leave. I have to leave knowing that this is probably the last time I’ll see dad alive.

Then, comes the family feuding over whats left of their lives.  My sister and her “other” family already think I’m a stiff necked, unbending, unforgiving “strait”.

It’s going to be loud, as I execute the will, just exactly as it is written.


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So it begins…

Posted by Terry Smelser on August 28, 2011

So… here we go.

New web site, new email, new purpose in my blogging.

My old political rants will be where they have been for a long time now.

“IF” I decide to talk about trucking it could be here, might be there.

Same goes for my major past time; shooting sports and firearms.

Nothing is written in stone here for the moment, from the theme to the intended content of this blog.

Keep coming back to see.


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