It Really is, all about ME.

It could be worse, but I can’t explain that to you.

This isn’t really all about me, it’s about my life and the lives of those around me. It’s about my (our) struggles to keep our heads above water while the people that pretend to care, don’t even know we are out here swimming.

It’s an odd world, when your closest friends are people in the cyber realm, that in most cases, you have never laid eyes on.

The journey is fraught, but don’t let that bother you, there are no guarantees except one. “you’re not getting out of this life, alive”.


I’ve written here for years, blown it up 3 or 4 times and started over. Sometimes out of boredom, sometimes in a fit of rage.

This is supposed to be an “About Me” page. Silly shit really, why would you want to know about me? You really just want to be entertained right?

Born 1961. (the day is not important, I don’t celebrate my “birthday”, I’m not 10)

Born in Phoenix Arizona, grew up in farm country, a small town South East of Phoenix called “Higley”. The farm I grew up on is now covered with ugly cookie cutter homes as is most of the farming soil. I don’t know what most of you are going to eat as there is fewer places to grow it. What will I eat? you don’t need to concern yourself.

Education: Small town, small school. My Mom was an English major.

High School was the single most unpleasant experience of my life. I was bored, uninterested in the social climate and could not get the electives I wanted. My school mates were vain, self possessed, spoiled and in general, uninteresting. I still consider them the same and would walk away from them today as I did then. I got a job, they never noticed.

GED in 1979. Collage credits in Computer Science, Information Technologies, Military Science and Political Science. Possible Associates in Military Science though I’ve never pursued it. I study for knowledge not some over dressed hunk of paper to frame then toss in a box of shit my grand kids might throw out.

Military service: I was what the Native American called a RedLeg. Artilleryman. M109 Self propelled, 155 mm Howitzer. It’s called the “Paladin” today, but I think we just called them the “nine”.

My MOS was varied and many. I was trained on the gun line, but moved into command and control inside of 30 days. I kept my hand in on the guns while becoming proficient in Fire direction, Observation, Communications and strong skills in recon/advanced party, among other duties that included marksmanship coordinator. I was amazed at the number of very advanced and senior NCOs that could not shoot a rifle. Or a handgun.I fixed that.

My unit was nuclear capable and highly rated in that specialty.

My HS teachers couldn’t keep me interested long enough to teach me algebra, my military instructors taught me to do trig, in my head. (As applied to ballistics and cannon gunnery)

I got to do a lot of cool stuff, see a lot of cool stuff and talk to some interesting people. Generals are not all that bad, once you get to know them and maybe drink a bit of Wild Turkey with them.


My parents were born again Christians and right wing, strait party ticket voting, southern democrats (called blue dogs today) their entire lives. That said, during the 80s elections, they took one look at Slick Willie and that hag he was married to, (my mom’s words)and LEFT THE PARTY, never to return. My dad’s words still echo, “If that is what the party has become, I’M DONE!”

Myself? I don’t believe in or support any political party. period. I’m considered so far to the right, Republicans can’t see me. Frankly it’s all bullshit. Right wing, Left wing, same bird. The one thing I am 100% sure of is the Founders would be shooting by now. And I am their man.

Life? I grew up in the construction industry. Ended up an electrical contractor into the late 80’s when the Clintons crashed the economy and switched to trucking which I did for 30 years, give or take.
Due to injuries I semi retired in 2016 and went to doing the only thing I ever really wanted to do, Custom wood craft. As that is a fantasy at best, I am currently training myself in other fields and hope to go into that part time.

Time, Will tell.

This ends what has to be some boring shit. If you made it this far, congrates, you can’t un see any of it.


Last modified on July 12, 2019